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Leishjaclyn God Dancer  'A' 1,1 'Z' 0,0 

Multi Ex. Breed Surveyed 

Perfect size 65cm

Noble, Masculine male, magnificent temperament from proven generations of soundness in hips/elbows with the added luxury of  no GSD breed problems.   ‘Odin’ is a deeply pigmented, richly coloured Black & Red Strong, Robust Masculine male  with the much sought after correct size and coal black dark eyes.  ‘Odin’ excels with his  exuberant willingness to work and please, much desired in the German Shepherd Breed.

This magnificent ‘VA.Ch.Leishjaclyn Latin Dancer’ son will carry the phenomenal soundness of the Leishjaclyn Breeding genetics to his progeny. 

'Odin'  has been successfully breed surveyed and we cannot speak highly enough of his producing ability.  We consider ‘Odin’ a valuable genetic asset to the German Shepherd Gene Pool in Australia.

 'Odin' will give the  German Shepherd Dog his breeding priorities in order :-

 1)  Fearless & Loyal Balanced Temperament

 2)  Soundness  - The Leishjaclyn Line has never bred a single elbow grading in 25yrs of breeding  - follow link for nfo 

 3)  Type - Strong Black pigment enhanced by a deep red

      Quality  Breeds  Perfection


Congratulations to consecutive National  Dual Silver Medallist  ‘Hells Bells’ (8 Leishjaclyn Dogs in his pedigree) AGAIN Leishjaclyn genetics contributing to the most successfully  Australian bred  male in the Country at this year’s  National.   NOW……… breeders have the opportunity of having the same 8  Leishjaclyn names as the Dual Silver Medallist  plus the luxury of an extra  nine  Leishjaclyn  names in ‘Leishjaclyn God Dancers’  pedigree.   These unique genetics are now ONLY available to breeders through ‘Leishjaclyn God Dancer’ giving breeders the predictable advantage of soundness in temperament, hip/elbows and free from genetical faults enhanced by exemplary type of correct size.

‘Leishjaclyn God Dancers’ genetics have been meticulously developed over 25yrs from Leishjaclyns (A.I – imported semen) Foundation bitch, combining line breeding and outcross breeding.  These results can only be achieved through an absolute sound bitchline, passion for the breed and total belief of the breed to succeed.

The most predictable, established successful genetics in Australia today available to breeders as a gift at $950 stud fee.  ‘Odin’  offers Breeders predictable sensational temperament, will correct size, improve type with a rock solid soundness that includes hips/elbows, his beautiful colour and pigment is an added bonus to breeders. 

 ‘Odin’ will promote our breed in the right direction with his valuable unique genetics only available through 'Odin'

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Leishjaclyn Wave Dancer  'A' 0,0 'Z' 0,0 

Correct Size 65cm

A beautifully constructed ‘VA.Ch.Leishjaclyn Zpartacus’ son with the much sought after ‘0’ ‘0’ Hip & ‘0’ ’0’ elbow results a valuable asset to the breed.

'Ragz' is of correct size, beautifully angled fore & hind, beautiful type, strong colour and pigment. He has a loving balanced temperament but unfortunately because of the problems his owner had with influential people in the Dog World in his attempts to have Ragz breed surveyed withdrew this gifted animal from public stud and with his wife walked away from the GSDCQ .  A great loss to the breed!

The problem has caused Paul to withdraw from National Schemes and not show in the Open Classes



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