Girls of  Yesterday

Leishjaclyn Go Go Dancer

Bscl.1 'A'nn 'Z' 0,0 Multi Ex.

‘Leishjaclyn Go Go Dancer’ full sister to  ‘VA.Ch. Leishjaclyn Latin Dancer’ exceptional producer and successful show bitch,  National Class Winner and 5th Open Bitch Class Qld National.



Leishjaclyn War Dancer 

Bscl.1.'A'n 'Z' 0,0 multi Ex.

Glamourous and Correctly constructed daughter of  'VA. Leishjaclyn Rain Dancer'  and half sister to 'VA CH. Leishjaclyn Zpartacus'


Who thrilled us all by being called out in first place out of 104 Open bitches at the Sydney National Show.


Leishjaclyn  Livin Doll

Bscl 1 'A'nn 'Z' 0,0, Multi Ex.

A beautiful strong, substantial, robust well coloured/pigmented firm & dry bitch with high withers, correct angulations and correct length and lay of the croup with a Bomb Proof temperament. This is why she produced 'VA.CH. Leishjaclyn Zpartacus' the most correctly  constructed and  producing male ever bred in this country.



Leishjaclyn Flash Dancer  Bscl.1. 'A' nn 'Z' 0,0 Multi Ex

Firm dry, beautifully proportioned large, very strong, Black & Red typey bitch who produced 'VA. Leishjaclyn Rain Dancer' to her own type and was certainly very influential in our future breeding success.


Successful show career with her highlight being graded V1 (L.Donald) at the Main Breed Evalution being the youngest in the class who  just missed out on a VA for fitness only - our fault as we were novices at the time and she was never trained but without a doubt became the most successful producing bitch in Australian history by starting the phenomena of:-

'Leishjaclyn Rain Dancer, Leishjaclyn Zpartacus, Leishjaclyn Latin Dancer, Too Hot to Handle & Hells Bells & not to forget the Gold Medal Bitch Albata Yolee & the bronze medal Bitch Hottie'




Vinberg Gilded Cascade (A.I)

Bscl. 1 'A' N  Multi Ex.

The Queen of Leishjaclyn Breeding who started it all over 25 yrs ago.  Produced from the bloodlines of the Worlds  Cornerstone of the breed  'Uran Vom Wildsteiger Land' & Sam Bonafacio's successful bitch line. 


Dam of 'Leishjaclyn Flash Dancer' & 'Leishjaclyn Livin Doll'.  The influence of her genetics is an absolute phenomena in Australian Breeding.  Owning her was an absolute pride & joy that never faded for a single moment over her 10yrs on this planet.  Inka’s exuberant affectionate nature, her love of life, her bonding to Paul and myself has always left a special place in our hearts. 


Love was an understatement for this very Special Lady



Leishjaclyn Young Dancer 'A' N 'Z' 0,0

photo 5mths old

Dam of 'VA Ch. Leishjaclyn Latin Dancer' and 'Leishjaclyn Go Go Dancer'.   This Grand old lady of Leishjaclyn breeding sadly passed away at 15yrs of age .  Lia  had a unique temperament that truly loved everything that walked, talked or breathed and never did a single wrong thing in her life.  A gentle, loving soul who in her long retirement adored to be in everybody's else's whelping boxes helping out !


Owning this beautiful girl was a treasured gift from heaven.



 Girls of Today

Leishjaclyn Mazkara Dancer  'A' 2,2 'Z' 0,0   DM CLEAR


'Lewis' is a large, strong & substantial daughter of Gold Medallist  Germ.Import 'Gerry Vom Schacher' & Grand Daughter of Gold Medallist 'VA.Ch. Leishjaclyn Zpartacus' .  She is an extremely well bred bitch with exceptional movement and has a happy,  outgoing nature that loves anyone or anything that crosses her path.


Dam of 2 very promising babies 'ArZenal Dancer' & AuZZie Dancer' from her (A.I.) litter to 'VA.Ch. Leishjaclyn Latin Dancer' We look forward very much to watching her promising  babies mature, her future progeny and having this Beautiful girl in our lives for many years.



Leishjaclyn Kaviar Dancer  'A' 3,5'Z' 0,0 

Lovely Type, Large, Firm dry, absolutely stunning richest red, blackest black  colour/pigmentation.  Daughter of last years Gold Medallist Germ.Import 'Toby Vom Plassenburg' & great grand daughter of Gold Medallist 'Leishjaclyn Zpartacus'


Venus is another of our gorgeous, exceptionally well bred girls and we look forward very much to watching her beautiful just born (A.I) litter to  'VA.Ch. Leishjaclyn Zpartacus'  mature.






Leishjaclyn Olympus Dancer  (A.I)

'A' 3,4 'Z' 0,0


'Doris' is a large very, firm dry athletic bitch who has inherited her sires 'VA.Ch. Leishjaclyn Zpartacus' exceptional front & hind angluations and free flowing movement who could run effortlessly all day.  We look forward very much to  her future progeny.



Leishjaclyn NuYork Dancer

(far left) photo at 8 mths old

NuYork Dancer  'A' 1,1, 'Z' 0,0  

NuAge Dancer   'A' 1,1  'Z' 0,0

Navel Dancer     'A' 1,1 'Z' 0,0 

Our beautiful 'Zpartacus' grandaughter 'Zola Bud' has retired to a well deserved life of luxury after being such a magnificent producer of exceptional quality progeny for our Kennel.  Always a wonderful, loving mother  and would always help out the other girls look after  their babies , she passed on her many strengths to her progeny.

Dam of Leishjaclyn God Dancer, Reign Dancer, Olympus Dancer, Wiggle Dancer & War Paint Dancer.



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